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Beautiful garden and pool

The out side of the house was beautiful, well maintained, beautiful garden and pool and of course the view is outstanding! This is the main reason I chose the house and rated 4 stars. The inside of the house was disappointing: 1) No air conditioning upstairs meant we spent most of our times in the bedrooms, not together have quality family time 2) We were not told that the bedroom AC units drain into bottles which if full will cause the water to back up and drip out of the Unit in the house 3) kitchen is definitely not stocked for cooking enthusiast missing key items for Italian cuisine such as a cheese grater and garlic press 4) there were a lot of ants although we swept and immediately put away the garbage 5) we did one load of laundry, washing machine malfunctioned. Despite the above issue, we enjoyed our stay and have no regrets. With a few improvements, this would be outstanding.

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