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About Us

We are locals but different,

we are your buddy not your nanny,

we are your tips tailor not your Tripadvisor,

we pass on our life lived, we are not your mobile app.

Indulge with us in our land… Mermaids Land


Tailors for Tourism Team is at your disposal to offer you not just a touristic product but a Pure Life Experience.

t4t tailors for tourism team
Meet the team


The Boss... or rather... The all-rounder

An architect by training, a traveler at heart. I spent many years living in Paris, London and Milan. Maybe it's my Neapolitan blood or the Arab-Levantine origins of my forebears, but I have never been able to resist the call of the sea. This is what brought me to settle…

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The right hand Man

Luca was born in Bologna, lived in Milan, and relocated in Sorrento to start a new life. He is co-worker and partner in life, partner in sailing and climbing, in dreams and life projects. He worked as landscape architect in Italy, Europe and Middle East for large part of his…

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The Queen of the Amalfi coast

She lives in Positano and she knows every stone and every person of the Divina Costiera. Silvia is partner in work, in climbing, in the way of life, in the cats’ love. She has been working in the hospitality from 20 years and, after many times, spent in the hotels…

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The Volcanic creative talent

She lives between Naples and Massa Lubrense, practically her house is in the car, passing from the chaotic, hot- blooded city to the breathtaking sunset on Capri of her stress-free Casa Azul. Benedetta is partner in every inventive project and long-cherished dream, in swimming in the cold water, in prepare…

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