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She lives between Naples and Massa Lubrense, practically her house is in the car, passing from the chaotic, hot- blooded city to the breathtaking sunset on Capri of her stress-free Casa Azul.

Benedetta is partner in every inventive project and long-cherished dream, in swimming in the cold water, in prepare a perfect meal, in the take care of our guests. We are Yin and Yang balance of life.

Curious about the stories of the world, she made of communication, declined in different forms, her profession – writing, directing, photography. He has been working from some years in the tourist hospitality with the same imagination and love for storyliving.

Benedetta is Buddhist, strongly confident in the human beings, mindful and aware of thoughts and actions. She centers her life on the understanding and the empathy. This way of life gives her a unique, special approach to host.

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